Currently I have 2 Apple IIgs computers, one I already had for a few years (ROM01) and one I salvaged a few months ago.

The latter is a Woz limited edition/ROM01. This one was originally sold in Costa Rica and had a 110V power supply. It included a monitor, an ImageWriter II, a 3.5″ drive and a 5.25″ drive. It also included the original 1MB IIgs RAM card, a ‘Slinky’ 1MB card and a Super Serial Card.
The first thing I did with this unit, was to cut the 3.6V battery leads and replace it with 3 AAA NiMh batteries in a battery holder. This was I can easily remove the batteries to recharge them when they are depleted.

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Luckily the unit powered on without any issues (with the 220V PSU from my other IIgs).