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    SNMP ToolBox(+)
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App Description

SNMP ToolBox combines three typical command line commands in an iOS app:

  • snmpDiscover: Discover SNMP V1/2c agents on your local network
  • snmpWalk: Walk the SNMP tree of a SNMP enabled device
  • snmpGet: Get a single oid from a SNMP enabled device


With version 1.0.3 you can search the results of the walk you performed. We use an implementation of the snmp++ v3.2 library by Jochen Katz, which I wrapped in an Objective-C library named Mobile SNMP++



As the app isn’t downloaded/bought that much anymore, I had to decide to abandon this app.

Two versions will be available

  • Free version, with ad banners. These banners can be disabled through an in-app purchase
  • Paid version, is the same version as the free version, but the banners have been disabled already

This app uses my Mobile SNMP++ implementation.